Stills from Flight of the Navigator

These stills show the Navigator Spaceship we created at Omnibus Computer Graphics in L.A. (Copyright © Disney, 1986) Note the use of an environment map to produce the reflective appearance of the spaceship. The environment maps used here were pieced together from footage shot on in the location the ship was to appear in. Working on this film gave me the idea for developing the environment scanners described here.

The ship in "low speed" mode, Miami Beach

The ship approaches the Golden Gate Bridge

The ship begins to morph from low speed mode...

To high speed mode before taking off

The ship over the Everglades

The ship hovers over Tokyo
Many other people worked on this film, but Bob Hoffman, Doug MacMillan, Jeff Kleiser, Art Durinski, Rick Balabuck, and Harold Buchman stand out in my mind. Bob in particular did much of the reflection mapping software. If I've left anybody out, please let me know!

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