Non-Geeks Beware! The Faint of Heart would definitely say "The Devil is in the Details" after looking through this section! If you're not into soldering (yes, you actually MELT METAL!) or buss-state-analyzers, or oscilloscopes, or God Forbid, HIGH VOLTAGE!... You've been warned!
This is the saga of the Un-Smart-UPS. I have lots of details to fill in here, for now suffice it to say I figured out an inexpensive way to make the box at the bottom of this rack power it for 5 1/2 hours using inexpensive car batteries. BUT IT WASN'T EASY! (More Detail Coming Soon).

A frequency synthesizer modification to my 2M-FM ham rig. (More Detail Coming Soon).

PC Interface board for Z-CAM, a system I built to encode real-time per-frame position data from a camera head equipped with 4 rotary shaft encoders. (More Detail Coming Soon).

Step-Motor Driver for my Environment Scanner Project.

TO BE CONTINUED... Its late and I'm tired!

Ask if you have any questions!

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