Ultimate Re-Runs!

OOPS!  Guess I got fooled!  This was apparently an old April Fool’s joke.. Odd that its still on a BBC website as an authentic news story….

DrWho recovered from deep space
DrWho recovered from deep space

It seems scientists at Aricebo, the giant radiotelescope observatory in Puerto Rico stumbled upon signals in the 41-68 Mhz region, which happens to correspond to our terrestrial TV channels.  A little digital processing and voila! Instant ReRuns from 50 years ago!

Imagine what this makes possible!  All the shows that went out “live” on the air before there were even ways to record them can now be recovered!

Got a big antenna?

Read more at: http://www.rimmell.com/bbc/news.htm

One thought on “Ultimate Re-Runs!”

  1. I guess the least realistic thing is of course that they could re-broadcast the material. Copyright lawyers would be right on their heels. I once tried to get a copy of a 1972 TV show from a regional broadcaster. They produced it themselves, but couldn’t get me a copy because of copyright issues.

    Well and other aspects are true, too. For example all over Europe people are in fact installing large satellite dishes to get Doctor Who.
    People have successfully demonstrated EME with TV signals and I have heard of EVE contacts.

    However I’d rather listen in the 800-900 MHz range, that’s where a lot of troposcatter connections have been. The BBC somewhere has a publication on it from way back when. It used to carry 2 TV channels or voice channels in each direction. I think the klystrons put out 10kW, and the antenna was quite directional. People being microwaved was not a problem, because on the Cuban side the antenna was looking out right over the ocean, and on the Florida side it was looking out over crocodile infested swamps.

    Apparently the dishes still stand

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