Spammer Bamboozles Chicago Judge

I have to confess I was a little worried there for a while. As an operator of a mail server for my web clients, spam is a huge concern. One of the best ways to combat it is to subscribe to the non-profit Spamhaus database of offenders. Based in the U.K, Spamhaus takes pains to ensure that their database only contains known provable sources of multiple unsolicited spam emails. So when an incoming email is from a host thats on Spamhaus’s database, we toss it. So do most ISPs and hosting providers. Its become one of the best anti-spam measures available.
Then in September, a Chicago bulk email company called E360Insight, got Judge Charles Kocoras to issue a judgement against Spamhaus. Spamhaus was ordered to pay $11.7M in damages, and stop blocking E360Insight’s spam. When Spamhaus refused, saying the judge has no jurisdiction over a U.K company, the judge issued a default judgement against them, and tried to get ICANN to shut down their domain registration.

Fortunately, so far, ICANN has stood their ground, and so has Spamhaus. But it just goes to show that spammers with enough money behind them can bamboozle judges and subvert the legal system to allow them to gum up everybody’s email inboxes with unwanted garbage.

Good for you Spamhaus! Keep up the good work!