The Sad Demise

Update 11/19/96:
Rod Paul of Rhythm and Hues has posted the DOA Page (Digital, Omnibus, Abel). If you worked at any of these companies, or are looking for any of these people, their present status, emails, and locations just might be on this page!

Omnibus is DOA:
Here is an article from Daily Variety's Business Section for Thursday, March 27, 1987 that tells the final story. It was a sad day. The company literally couldn't afford to declare bankruptcy. People were told on a friday to clear out any personal stuff and not to come back.

The Digital Film Printers were crated up and sent to a warehouse by Triple-I, the Cray was sent back to Cray Research, and the Royal Bank of Canada was informed that it was worth almost nothing without millions of dollars in upgrades. I heard a rumor (unconfirmed) that ads were placed in newspapers for a "Slightly Used Cray XMP ...Cheap".

Here is another article from the Toronto Globe and Mail, with much the same flavor. Auctions were held for the remainder of the equipment, including people's desks with papers still in them. I bought an Ikonas framebuffer for $50 that had been bought eighteen months earlier for $35,000.

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