I’m not anti-social, I’m lookin’ out for ya!

I’m sure many of my FaceBook friends think I’m being curmudgeonly (if there IS such a word!) but despite the temptation to be cute, I always reject invitations to get added to birthday calendars, accept hugs, or find out what color crayon I am. Here’s why:

Why I don't accept these
Why I don't accept these

I will admit that I found enough value in FaceBook that I allowed it to know my gmail login ID and password so that it could send invitations to my contacts.  I have enough of them that doing that manually was going to be a pain.  I am very careful to NEVER give out any login information to any website, regardless of  its possibly dubious character.  But I relented this one time, basically out of laziness.  So far I am happy to report that FaceBook has not “spread the word” as so many of these social networking sites have.  I have not suddenly been besieged by requests to join yet another social networking site.

I DO constantly receive requests to list my favorite movies, songs, colors, take personality tests, and exchange virtual mafia items.  But I have steadfastly refused these because I value my contact list and don’t want to be responsible for their information being spread all over FaceBook and beyond.   The truth is that many of these cute little applications are nothing more than what I’ll call “contact harvesters”.  And you wonder why you get so much SPAM!

Wait till these social networking sponges get out of control and see how you like it?

I use FaceBook because its nice to be able to see what my friends and acquaintences are up to and to be able to update them without taking the time to sit down and exchanging emails with each of them.   But I marvel at how many of my friends are apparently willing to turn not only FaceBook but unknown third parties loose with all their friends’ information – including email addresses!

Nope, not me!  I’m not anti-social, I’m just lookin’ out for my friends!

3 thoughts on “I’m not anti-social, I’m lookin’ out for ya!”

  1. It is sadly amazing how many folks will pass these things on, whether it be a FaceBook ‘game’, or a seemingly innocent email that for some reason needs you to send it to everyone you know. It’s no wonder that sites like tagged.com are harvesting so many email addresses, people are letting their guard down.

    Fortunately we still have sites like snopes.com, to help us recognize the less than obvious scams. It is always worth a read thru some of their top 15 legends – you never know when one will show up in your inbox.

    Thanks for pointing this out Dave, I’m sure some folks think I’m no fun cause I won’t play those games either…


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