I Want a Job Like my Cat’s

catAs near as I can tell, my cat’s life is about as ideal as anyone could ever want.  His priorities would seem to be: (1) Eat. (2) If inside, go outside and try to kill something or procreate or defacate. If outside, go inside and eat. (3) Sleep.  Thats pretty much it.

While at times I think I would love to have a job like that, I know it would drive me crazy.  Unlike a cat, I don’t view the universe as just a time and place I just happen to be at.  To me, its a playground, where ideas are things you can ride on and tinker with.  Ideas can build themselves up to the point that they become plans, and the, to me,  the universe is more like a workshop where I can make things happen.

I don’t ever see my cat doing that kind of thing.  I think I’d be scared if he started building his own little empire.  I doubt he could do much with claws instead of fingers.  But if I were him, I wouldn’t let that detail stop me.

What is it about us as human beings that makes us unlike any other species when it comes to bending the universe as we see fit?  OK, sure, beavers build dams, wasps build nests… but to my knowledge no other species has ever done anything like invent air-travel or send a representative to the moon.

On second though, I’ll keep my job. 

I gotta run, the cat wants out.

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