I Wanna DOJO!

Recently while catching up on the MoonViews LOIRP (mentioned previously here I noticed that project head Dennis Wingo had given a presentation to the Mountain View Hacker Dojo.

Freeduino class at Hacker Dojo
Freeduino class at Hacker Dojo

If you’ve not heard of a Dojo before, it is a Japanese word meaning literally “Place of the Way”. ┬áThe term is usually associated with┬áplaces where young people learn the martial arts, but it can be any place where “The Way” to do something can be learned if you’re willing to spend some time there.

Several years ago I was following the progress of a group of engineers who set up TechShop, a membership-based workshop in Mountain View. I am envious of that too! But now that I see how easy it would be to set up a Hacker Dojo I think it would be an outstanding idea for the Tri-Cities! I wish there had been a place like that available when I was a kid! What a perfect way to help kids channel some of their creative energies into useful projects that teach them positive things about technology! Anybody else interested?

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  1. Hi Dave –
    We’re opening a tech dojo/HackerSpace/CoWorking Space down in Asheville by the end of the month (Jan 2010)!

    Hopefully we’ll have a basic website up by the end of next week for The Tink Tank, and we can start sharing more info with you and the AVL community. It’d be great if we had a sister site up in TN to help push us to higher levels through a bit of friendly competition.

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