Here were some fun Flash movies I collected back when I first made these pages. A real time capsule! Its hard to believe but there was NO YOUTUBE back then!!!! Adobe ended support for the flash player in 2020. Some of them may still partly work if you have VLC media player. No promises! Click at your own risk!

A little patriotic ditty?


For the egg fanciers


The Ballad of Kikkoman from the Planet Soy


Socrates parties with Crito before he drinks the hemlock


Hilarious! Some guy singing O-Zone's Dragostea Din Tei


The legendary Badger Song


The badgers meet the Banana Phone


One man's madness brought about by the Banana Phone song.


Dane Cook's "Mentally Challenged" Burger King song


Wait for the part when they sing the music


Saddam Raps

Star Warz

Bent Frame's Star Wars animation

We got Death Star, baby!


Merry Christmas!


The Star Wars gang gets together for a smoke.


That Yoda is a something else when he's drunk and high.

Leave it to Bush!

The Toilet Online make some excellent stuff! Here are some episodes involving our very own president.

Bush meets Gary Busey and some new Republican supporters


Bush has an intimate moment with Bill Cosby on the Moon

Strindberg and Helium

Okay this is some pretty avantgarde stuff. But very funny too! The Swedish playwrite and author August Strindberg is depressed, as usual, while Helium is happy! Yay! See their webpage and order yourself a t-shirt.

"Ahhh Absinthe..."


The guys enjoy a day in the park -- well at least Helium does.


Strindburgh is dead to the world...


The guys dabble in alchemy.

"Rather Good" Stuff

Joel Veitch is the current reigning king of flash animation. Check out his website to see if he has put up anything new!

The Sumo Florist. (some potty language)


The inspiration behind those crazy Quiznos ads.


Some groovy "cats" play a mellow rendition of "Independent Woman".


Evil Communist cats dance to scary music!


Viking cats dance to the Electric Six's "Gay Bar".


More Viking cats! This time playing a little Led Zeppelin!


Cute punk kitties play some White Stripes.


Whoa! A freaky cat sings a really dirty song!


Damn! That freaky cat does some Vines.

Quiznos Ads

When I first saw these ads, I didn't get it. I'm still not sure I do!

The first Quiznos ad with the legendary pepper bar reference.


The second ad featuring these guys


Enter the Huns.

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